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Peru Finca Tasta

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Plush, creamy, and juicy

Cashew, panela sugar,
Pink Lady apple, and mild berries


This coffee comes to you by way of Edith and Ivan Meza Sagarvinaga. Having taken over for their late mother, these siblings have been producing coffee on their farm, Finca Tasta, for the last 8 years.

Finca Tasta is located in the Satipo Province in the Junín Region of Peru and sits at an altitude of 1450 – 1600 meters.  Of the 56 acres that make up the estate, 19 are cultivated with coffee, and 22 remain as a natural preserved forest. This selected lot consists of Arabica varieties Caturra and Catuai, which undergo an anaerobic  fermentation process, before being carefully dried under parabolic solar dryers.

The Sagarvinaga siblings initiatives do not stop at producing excellent coffee.  Actively leading by example they focusing on environmental practices, and independence by diversifying crops beyond coffee to include food for themselves and their workers.  By leading the way, they hope to inspire other farmers to move away from monoculture and back towards a model of sustainable agriculture.

Within their community, they own their own café and roastery and also organize and facilitate education around specialty coffee for more than 100 coffee producers in the area.

Edith is an active member of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance and has set up outreach events locally to engage residents in and around the region with specialty coffee workshops.

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