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As a craft roaster of specialty coffee, it is our priority to ensure a fresh and consistent product of the highest quality.

Our buying team at Caffe Fantastico are discerning about which farms our coffee comes from. We travel the world around, developing lasting relationships with farmers and their families, while committing to pay the fairest price for the best coffee available.

The relationships we build with our wholesale clients are no different. We strive to match ourselves with like-minded and quality-focused businesses that understand that the high caliber of their coffee is essential to providing a consistent standard of excellence.

Whether you are offering filtered coffee or full espresso service, a Caffe Fantasico Coffee Program embraces your holistic approach to ensuring your customers are receiving an high quality cup each and every time.

What we Offer:

Fresh, High Quality Roasted Coffee

Above all, we offer a diverse menu of high quality and sustainably sourced coffees ranging from value priced staples to exemplary boutique level microlots.

Equipment and Accessories

Caffe Fantastico offers a unique variety of coffee equipment and products to contribute to the success of your business. We are proud distributors of Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, Earth's Own & Pacific Foods Barista formulated dairy alternatives and 1883 all natural syrups.


From initial set up through ongoing service, your business will benefit from the support our dedicated roasting and QC department, which includes a Liscenced Q Grader, Barista Trainer, and Coffee Equipment Technician- A small team with a combined industry experience of over 30 years.

Equipment installs and ongoing service, staff training, education, coffee marketing on each coffee,

We are able to provide your staff with training, and strategies for quality control in order to ensure that the coffee you serve meets a high standard

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