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Brew guide

A great cup of coffee is a culmination of the efforts and knowledge of many skilled hearts, minds and hands. Brewing is the last link in this long chain that determines the final outcome. In addition to using high quality and fresh roasted coffee, good brewing involves a number of factors. Whatever brew method you use here is a good place to start to get the most out of your Fantastico coffee.

Fresh Roasted Fantastico Coffee

Thank you for choosing Fantastico coffee! For the most flavourful cup we reccommend buying wholebean and grinding just before brewing. Whole bean should be used within about 18 days, but if grinding ahead of time try to enjoy it within 1 week. Our coffees taste best if allowed to off gas for at least 24 hours after roasting. Some coffees may need 2-4 days for optimum cup quality.


Use fresh cold filtered water that is chlorine/chlorimine free. Brew temperature should be just under boiling.

Coffee To Water

Use the ratio of 8-10 grams (2 level tablespoons) of ground coffee to 6 oz water. If you own a scale start with a ratio of 1g of coffee to 16-18g of water, which is in line with the Specialty Coffee Association's ratio of 50-60g/L.


Grind immediately before brewing. In addition to a producing a consistent grind, a high quality burr grinder will result in a much more flavorful cup overall. Anything less will produce a muddled or unbalanced cup.

Generally, grind size correlates to brew time. The finer the grind, the shorter the brew time and vice versa.

Under extraction results in weak/sour/ flat qualities, while over extraction results in dry, astringent, overly bitter qualities.


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