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Sourcing and Roasting


Roasting coffee is at the heart of what we do. Our mission is to develop our roasts into the most satisfying cup of specialty coffee available by placing quality, consistency, and integrity at the core of our mandate.  We believe in research, testing, and environmental sustainability to drive our passion for producing a better cup of coffee.

Our roasting philosophy was born when Ryan Taylor, as a young entrepreneur studied the ways of the bean, fully immersing himself in the technical yet delicate craft of roasting coffee. Selling coffee from a small cart in the Inner Harbour and roasting beans in his backyard, Ryan developed Causeway Fantastico. Today the same perfect blend Ryan produced almost 20 years ago is served at all of our Caffe Fantastico locations.

In seeking out the perfect bean to add to our collection the Taylor and Fantastico family, have travelled the world visiting unique terroirs and microclimates that fit the Fantastico quality profile. Our team at Caffe Fantastico understands that building relationships with growers, their families and their employees will create lasting ties to the land and a deeper understanding of the beans we serve in our establishments. Beans are selected for their robust flavours, acidity, body, and aromatic intensity. However, the environmental sustainability of the operation and labour conditions at the farms we visit also play a major role in which beans will make its way into your cup.

Head Roaster, Derek Allen has been in the Fantastico Family for over 20 years. Starting as a barista, Derek now spends his time sourcing the best beans available and caring for our top of the line, environmentally efficient roaster.  Every aspect of the daily roast is carefully monitored for consistency and quality insuring that each bean that passes over our counters meets our gold standard in roasting. In the back of The Roastery you will find our coffee lab where Derek perfects the roasts using a sample roaster just large enough for a small batch of beans. If you are ever lucky enough to join Derek in this private backroom for a ‘cupping session’ he will take you down the long road of how a coffee is selected. From the micro geography and agronomy of the region to the story of the aroma, taste, acidity and finish, the process of selecting the perfect roast is bred through years experience and an unconditional love for the complexities of each coffee we serve.

At Caffe Fantastico we will continue to go to the source of our beans, build lasting relationships with our farmers, set the bar of what is considered to be good coffee. Ryan set out with a simple mission: to bring better coffee to the people of Victoria. That mission continues today with the same intensity and passion that we started with. Our promise to you is that we will continue to seek out new beans, new blends and new relationships in our mission to bring you better coffee.

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