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Community Involvement

Vibrant and rich communities are made up of unique and inspired individuals. The bean, the roast, and the cup are reflections of our approach to enriching our local communities.

Our strength comes from our communities both here in Victoria and in the places where we source our beans. Whether we are at home reaching across the counter to hand you a perfectly crafted Americano or on a family owned farm in Guatemala meeting with our suppliers, the community connections we build are at the heart of every bean we roast.

Our communities are our purpose. When we source our beans abroad we travel to these destinations in order to connect with our producers.  For us, it isn’t just about coffee; it’s about relationships, personal connections, and exploration.

Each of our three locations was carefully selected to ensure that we remain accessible and approachable to our communities. We are dedicated to creating a meeting place for our neighbours where animated conversation can take place over a daily espresso; where the joys of good food and good friends are an essential weekly passage; and where the environment can inspire a sense of peace and belonging.

Coffee, after all, is meant to inspire gathering, the exchange of ideas, and close connection. At Caffe Fantastico we hold public dialogue, community events, and local art shows and music shows as a way to not only contribute to our communities but to build them.

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