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Mexico Malinal Nayarita

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Full-bodied and smooth. Dark chocolate and spicy, with a brown sugar sweetness and a hint of smokiness.


Caffe Fantastico has proudly offered coffee from this distinctively northern terroir for almost 20 years. Starting with exceptional coffee from the small community of El Malinal, we now support a collective of several communities, thanks to our long standing supplier Gruppo Terruño Nayarita (GTN).

GTN, as a US/ Mexico partnership, offer comprehensive producer services in education, quality control, coffee processing, and export. Each and every lot of coffee is rigorously evaluated for cup quality. The top coffees are separated, allowing them to showcase their special quality and characteristics. Farmer members benefit from a fully traceable QC system that has earned them higher premiums for quality, ensuring long-term sustainability.

This 23 bag lot is grown by 19 growers from four different families that make up Riviera Producing Society in the town of El Cuarenteño.

This lot has undergone washed processing at nearby Sandia wet mill. As the picked cherry arrives, the first step is to place it into flotation tanks. The floating cherry is skimmed off and the remaining coffee is fed through a disk pulper to mechanically remove the fruit layers and sticky mucilage. From here it is washed twice before it is sent to dry on concrete patios and finished in mechanical dryers.
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