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Causeway Fantastico

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Our house espresso. Rich, complex and balanced. Flavour combos of chocolate, caramel, along with warm toasty nut and buttery elements. Complimented by mild spice hints and dried fruit. 


Our signature house espresso blend of over 25 years,  the aptly named Causeway Fantastico is a daily reminder of our humble early days of serving hand-pulled lever espresso on Victoria’s Inner Harbor. This blend produces a complex, rich textured,  yet balanced espresso with big taste and heavy body.

Each of our coffees goes through a number of stages before being made available for enjoyment. We roast on our state of the art Loring roaster, making sure to give the attention deserved to each batch.  Screening and cupping ensures that each batch meets our standards before being made available for purchase or brewing.

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