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Guatemala 2016

Our family was able to return to Guatemala to visit the coffee farm Finca Jauja, where both our Finca Jauja single origin and our Finca Jauja Yellow Bourbon originate from. Our children were especially excited to see Ricardo Zelaya again, the man in charge of the Guatemalan coffees that we are so lucky to use at Caffe Fantastico. We all visited this farm three years ago and it was very interesting to see the farm develop into an even more productive and healthy farm. When we visited the cherries were fully ripening and the harvest looked lively and plentiful, so many beautiful deep red coffee cherries. Our children were happy to find the yellow bourbon trees with the yellow fruit that is so sweet, delicious and reminds them of apricots. Thanks to Ricardo for his amazing coffee tours and gracious hospitality and the chance to showcase his Guatemalan coffee at Caffe Fantastico.
-Kristy Taylor
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