Zambia Mubuyu Farm


Zambia Mubuyu Farm contains notes of dried fruits, chocolate, and zesty wine-like aromas.

Smooth toned with brown sugar, plum and fig flavours, balanced by a distinctly pleasant wine-like acidity.

This coffee is grown and produced by Munali Estate, 80km south of Lusaka, Zambia’s capital.

The estate was founded in 1971 by Willem Lubinkh, a dutch development worker. The estate initially produced wheat and soy, but in 1999 the farm began growing coffee on what is now the family farm, Mubuyu. Jesper, Willem’s son, currently oversees the operations and has built a reputation for quality and innovation throughout Zambia.

The 60-hectare farm is situated at 1130 masl where 80% is planted with sl 28, an arabica coffee variety originating from Kenya. The remaining plots are planted with 46-catuai and Costa Rica varietals. The harvest season starts with pruning, organic fertilization, and controlled watering by a microdrip irrigation system.

Although the farm produces natural and pulped natural coffee, this lot is a washed process. The handpicked cherries are first fed through a machine to remove the skin and most of the fruit. Next, the coffee ferments in tanks of water for 24 hours. Then, the coffee is brought to the estate’s innovative tiered drying station, where it is carefully dried by the use of large fans and monitored closely.

As a contribution to the local community, Munali Estates provides housing for full-time employees, and operates a school and medical clinic in the area for farm workers and their families. A portion of the sales brought in by Zambia Mubuyu Farm will go towards supporting a local NGO in the region.