Tanzania Kilimanjaro Peaberry


Full flavored with bold and engaging qualities. Dark chocolate, maple syrup/raisin notes with plum and blackcurrant undertones. Heavy mouthfeel with rich wine-like acidity.

This coffee surprised and delighted our quality control and buying team when revealed during a blind cupping session. We all agreed it was worth sharing.

As a coffee producing nation, Tanzania has lived in the shadow of neighbouring powerhouses, Kenya and Ethiopia. However, as more investment is being made to infrastructure, new coffee varieties, improved post-harvest processing, and a focus on timely export, Tanzania is gaining traction in the coffee world.

This coffee is a blend of high-quality lots from cooperatives situated on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. It consists of Bourbon, Kent and Arusha Arabica varietals, grown on small holder plants of 0.5-2 hectares, at elevations between 1400-2000 masl.

After undergoing washed fermentation and drying, the coffee is graded. Grading in Tanzania is mechanically screened based on size. The largest is AA, followed by AB and PB, which stands for peaberry. A peaberry is a single round seed, as opposed to the usual 2-sided, flat seeds, and makes up about 5% of the world’s coffee production. Generally esteemed by roasters for their uniformity and density, peaberries are believed to offer more of an articulate purity of character.

Please enjoy the fruit of the combined efforts that it took to achieve this quality Tanzanian coffee.