Sumatra Nusantara


Chocolate fudge brownie undertones of sweet tobacco, tamarind, and black cherry. Deep, low-toned and syrupy.


This coffee comes from the northern highland Regency of Bener Meriah, Sumatra. It is home to 13 villages that make up Koperasi (Co-op) Gayo Nusantara.  The co-op consists of 841 members who farm coffee on an average of 1-2 hectares of land.

Harvest primarily takes place from October to December. The processing of this coffee begins with each farmer, usually on their own farm, implementing a Giling Basah, or wet hulling method, a processing method that is almost exclusive to Sumatra. The fresh-picked cherry is fed through a small pulping machine that removes the skin of the fruit. The sticky, wet coffee, still in parchment, is spread out onto tarps to dry for about 24 hours, reducing the moisture to about 35%. Most of Sumatra’s coffee character is owed to this initial step. The coffee’s exposure to the moist local climate, with the help of the combined effects of microbes, natural sugars, and enzymes, create the conditions so favoured by this origin: deep, intriguing earthen qualities with complex savoury and fruit aspects.

The coffee is then sold to PT RAAS, a local processing and export company for completion.  This involves further drying of the coffee down to about 12%, grade sorting and finally blending.

Established in 2004, PT RAAS prides itself on producing the highest quality coffee, favouring organic practices, while investing in and supporting its coffee suppliers. With a particular emphasis to improve women’s livelihoods, who are provided with access to both education and healthcare, while children receive free transportation to school. PT RAAS has also played a part in local infrastructure by bringing water systems to the villages and tools necessary for coffee production.

This beautiful Sumatran coffee is also certified organic as well as certified Rain Forest Alliance.