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Sumatra Ketiara


Deep sweet aromas of toffee, earthy spice, hints of fresh cedar undertones.  Toasty amber malts, butter toffee, sultana raisin, with an undercurrent of stone fruit brightness.

This damn fine coffee comes to you by way of the newly established Ketiara Co-operative (2009), located in the Northern highlands of Sumatra, collectively known as Gayoland. A rarity in the male-dominated Indonesian coffee
industry, Ketiara’s 1768 members consist mostly of women, many of whom are survivors of the 2003 civil war and/or the Indian Ocean earthquake of 2004. Ketiara’s leader is the formidable Ibu Rahmah, a self-described ‘wife, mother, and friend to thousands of farmers,’ who began purchasing and processing coffee cherries in 1997.

The coffee comes from roughly 20 villages that average 1-2 Hectares in area, and is grown at elevations between
1200-1600 masl. This particular lot consists of the coffee varietal known as TimTim. Farmers can produce up to ten 132 lb exportable bags per year.  At harvest, the coffee cherry is collected, pulped, and allowed to dry until about 40% of the moisture content remains. The following day, it is brought to the co-operative drying patios for finishing, reducing the moisture content even further to about 12%.  Ketiara coffee is triple-picked, making it the highest grade of coffee available in Sumatra. Other investments that the co-op makes in its farmers include financial assistance and farming equipment, as well as weekly yoga, aerobics, and Zumba classes. Ketiara promotes value and passion in coffee, with an emphasis on celebrating women in the industry.