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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido


Raw sugar, jasmine, lemon, sweet, clean and delicate.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee and is home to some of the most aromatic, complex, and diverse varieties produced in the world. Geographically, Ethiopia has all of the important elements for growing coffee: good elevation, ample rainfall, suitable temperatures, and fertile soil. There are more varieties of Arabica coffee grown here than in all other coffee producing countries combined. Because of these factors, the cup profile can vary drastically, and certain regions produce coffees which are distinctive. Yirgacheffe is traditionally known for its perfumed jasmine, floral, and citrusy characteristics. A fine Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee displays a bright acidity along with intense, clean tastes and a complexity of floral notes in the aroma.

The coffee is picked ripe between November and January, de-pulped within 12 hours, and washed clean with spring water. Aricha is the name of the washing station where this coffee is processed. Idido is the village, or kebele, where this coffee is grown and processed, in a micro-region of Yirgacheffe. The coffee is grown at an altitude range of 1500-2200 masl. The higher altitude results in a slower growing period for the coffee, allowing each tree additional time to deliver nutrients to the berries and develop the best flavours. The soils in this region are red-brown clay soil and are about 1.5 meters deep.