Kenya Rung’eto Kii


Delicate and sweetly perfumed, this coffee offers aromas of tea rose, butter pastry and a hint of grapefruit zest. Big and lush syrupy mouth feel with a complex swath of dark berries and rhubarb awash in a rich juicy acidity, leaving a long resonant finish.


Kenya is in a realm all on its own when it comes to coffee. This is due to the generous amount of equatorial sunlight, Arabica varieties unique only to Kenya, as well as some of the longest fermentation times during processing. Kenya also has a well-established coffee industry; their quality control is meticulous and many thousands of small farmers are highly educated in their agricultural practice.

This outstanding microlot coffee comes to you from a small collection of farmers in the Kirinyaga district on the southern slopes of Mt. Kenya. The farmers are members of The Rung’eto Farmer’s Cooperative Society (RFCS), renowned for producing exceptional quality coffee.

RFSC serves overall about 3000 members and owns 3 wet mills: Kii, Karimikui, and Kiangoi. This lot was processed at Kii, the oldest mill, started in 1965.  Farmers have come to know that the quality control manager only accepts the best cherry for milling, which is paramount for the best flavour.

This lot is also unique in that it is a rare peaberry grade (5% produced throughout the world). A peaberry is a single roundish seed as opposed to the usual 2 flat-sided seed. Once washed, fermented, and dried, the coffee is sorted by size, whereby the peaberries are separated. Generally esteemed by roasters, their uniformity allows for more articulate purity of character.