Ethiopia Kaffa Forest


Dark chocolate, molasses, exotic spices with a hint of stone fruit and jasmine scented coffee flower. Vibrant citrus acidity.


Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica Coffee. The southwest region, Kaffa, is considered to be the original source of this species. In 2008 our roasters Derek Allen and Ryan Taylor went on a pilgrimage of this region and were amazed by its diversity and beauty. This trip led to the sourcing of this wonderful and ancient coffee. This area has boundless stretches of pristine evergreen forest, thriving wetlands, steep valleys and gentle rolling plains.

The coffee trees grow wild as a natural part of the ecosystem, most favorably under the canopy of mountain rainforest trees. Indigenous communities have been utilizing wild coffee for centuries, and the art of preparing coffee is a central element of Ethiopian culture.

The Kaffa Forest Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union was established in March of 2004 and is comprised of 26 coffee cooperatives with nearly 6,632 smallholder farmer members. It is engaged in processing and marketing sun-dried (unwashed) coffee. The union also sells spices, honey, pepper, and other non-timber products for local consumption.

The union’s objective is to increase farmer/member income through training, market promotion and providing equipment to improve coffee quality.