Costa Rica Finca Monteroga


This coffee arrives to us thanks to owners Ryan and Kristy Taylor, as a result of their working family travels to Costa Rica in early 2017.

Finca Monteroga is situated in San Isidro, a town in the canton of Leon Cortez.  It is owned and operated by Juan Raphael Montero.  Juan was a professional football player in his youth, and after retiring, he and his wife started an avocado farm.  They eventually found that this was not a lucrative way of life, and made the decision to plant coffee instead.

Everything happens on the farm, from nursery to processing. A couple of years ago, Juan purchased his own micro-pulper to allow him better control over his quality.  He calls his little pulper “Tio Juan,”after his grandfather.

The coffee variety that makes up this lot is Catuai, and is processed by washed fermentation.

Juan has also established a reputation as an environmentalist.  He produces all of his own fertilizers using organic materials, worm castings, as well as manure from the horses and goats that he raises.

Balanced, elegant and refined, with a round and buttery mouthfeel.

Bright and sweet with an ultra clean finish.