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** NEW ** Brasil Esmeralda


Friendly and easy going.  Soft caramel sweetness, gentle acidity, velvety body, with creamy hazelnut and milk chocolate notes.

Esmeralda is produced on Nossa Senhora Aparecida Farm in the Alta Mogiana region of Sao Paulo state. It is part of a larger Estate called O’Coffee, which has been owned and operated by the Quercia Family since the 1890’s.  This region is favorable to high quality Arabica production due to its higher elevation (1000-1200masl), and temperate climate (20º C ).  Esmeralda consists of varieties Icatú, Mundo Novo, and Obatã, and undergoes a natural process, whereby the coffee cherry surrounding the seeds is dried into a raisin-like state. This method is known to produce coffees that enhance body and sugar-like qualities.
Esmeralda is certified by Rainforest Alliance , an organisation committed to preserving ecosystems, and Utz, a global certification that ensures responsible social, and environmental quality in coffee production.