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Colombia Los Idolos


Sweet butterscotch with soft floral and citrus aromas. Round and full bodied with a creamy silkiness.  Rich and juicy acidity with a pleasant bright fruitiness .

Nariño is a department of Colombia situated in the west of the country, bordering Ecuador and the Pacific Ocean. It is home to about 37,000 coffee producers, with an average farm size of 1.2-2 Hectares, and makes up 17% of the national coffee production. Its diverse geography and varied climate contribute a great deal to the character of coffee produced in Nariño.
Despite the cooler night-time temperatures, warm air currents off of the Pacific Ocean that flow through the steep, rugged mountains rise at night, and keep temperatures warm enough to allow coffee to grow. At an average of 2000 masl, temperatures are cool, slowing the development of the coffee cherry, resulting in more sweetness in the cup.
Close to the town of Brucelas, Los Idolos farm is proudly owned by Edgar Meneses. The lot we chose was the winning bid in an annual auction called Mejor De Nariño. Alongside an international panel, our Head Roaster Derek participated as a cupping judge and buyer to select the top 20 coffees out of an auction of 300 lots.
The farm is situated at 1950 masl and is planted predominantly with the Arabica coffee varieties Colombia, Cattura, and a small amount of Yellow Bourbon. The coffee plants are lightly shaded by numerous fruit trees including mandarin orange, guava, banana, and passionfruit. Once the cherry is picked, it undergoes a wet fermentation for about 12-14 hours, rinsed clean, and then carefully dried under Edgar’s supervision on his patio.