Oscar II Professional


Fantastico have worked closely with Nuova Simonelli for many years, and we are excited to share their passion for showstopping espresso equipment with you at home!  As distributors of commercial and home machines, we are proud to introduce the next generation of home espresso technology.

The Oscar II much like its predecessor has been built around the idea of bringing professional quality espresso into the home.  Besides the new stainless steel & ABS body, the Oscar II hosts a number of new useful features that further push the limits of what an affordable home espresso machine can do. Including a new ergonomic steam lever, measured dosage, and improved steam-wand. Inside the machine the Oscar II maintains its professional sized group head and copper boiler. Making the Oscar II the perfect machine for any coffee enthusiast.

Available with Black, Red or Blue accents.

To find out more, or to arrange a demo of this beautiful machine, email info@caffefantastico.com