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Colombia Yeny Pinchao

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A clean, fresh, and bright Colombian coffee from producer Yeny Pinchao. Arriving from Finca La Esmeralda in the town of Buesaco, Nariño, you'll find a complex fruit expression of red apple, green grape, peach, honeydew melon, and a panela sugar sweetness. 
Colombia Yeny Pinchao is a washed process, caturra variety, grown at an elevation of 2100 masl.

Nariño is a department of Colombia situated in the west of the country, bordering Ecuador and the Pacific Ocean.  It is home to about 37,000 coffee producers, with an average farm size of 1-2 hectares, and makes up 17% of the national coffee production.

Its diverse geography and varied climate contribute a great deal to the character of coffee produced in Nariño.  Despite the cooler night time temperatures warm air currents of the Pacific Ocean that flow through the steep, rugged mountains, rises at night and keeps temperatures warm enough to allow coffee to grow.  At an average of 2000 masl, temperatures are cool, slowing the development of the coffee cherry, resulting in more sweetness in the cup.

Finca La Esmeralda is located close to the town of Buesaco, about 40 km north of Narino's capital city, Pasto. Yeny, it's owner is part of Quitupamba small producers series, a group of young farmers who are motivated to produce specialty coffee made possible by Canadian importer, Apex.

Upon harvest, ripe cherries are selectively picked, depulped and left to ferment in clean tanks for 16 hours before being moved to patios to dry for a period of 10 days under the sun.

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