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Guatemala Finca Jauja

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Maple, sultana raisin and butter pecan. Creamy mouth feel and a soft brightness.


This Fantastico selected micro-lot consists of 100% Yellow Bourbon Arabica and is grown at an average elevation of  1550 masl. The coffee plants are shaded under the light canopy of Gravilea trees, which allows the coffee cherries to develop at a slower rate, thereby increasing their density and flavour potential.

Jauja has existed for almost 80 years and is located within the city of Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It was initially owned by a well-known coffee producing family, but the farm was eventually neglected, until, it was rented in 2010 by its current producer: Ricardo Zelaya. Since then the Finca has undergone extensive renovations and is enjoying a new sustainable vitality. As of this year, we are proud to state that this will be Fantastico's 8th harvest from Jauja.

Ricardo is committed to both quality and sustainability. The Finca is scrupulously well-managed -from the selection of coffee varieties planted, to the close supervision during processing at the wet and dry mills. His 25 permanent staff are like family, while his seasonal employees continue to return year after year due to higher picking wages.

This coffee is processed at Ricardo’s Santa Clara wet mill. After careful sorting and depulping of the cherry, the coffee is soaked in water tanks and fermented for 14-22 hours.  This water is reused twice during the depulping stage for the next lot to be processed. This serves to inoculate the next batch, which speeds fermentation times and helps maintain a consistent mix of yeasts and bacteria. After being used twice, the water is filtered through a complex treatment system of filters and sedimentation tanks, with all solids being recycled and composted for fertilizer.

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