** NEW MICROLOT ** Costa Rica Diego Abarca - Yellow Honey

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Chocolate, golden raisin with apple butter and purple plum notes. Buttery and viscous mouthfeel with a long sweet finish.


This is the 3rd year Caffe Fantastico have offered a coffee from San Calletano’s Diego Abarca. Due to the Global Pandemic we were unable to bring in his coffee in 2020, but we are fortunate and delighted to once again offer another amazing coffee from this intrepid young coffee producer.

In 2018, Fantastico owners Ryan and Kristy Taylor were first introduced to Diego at a cupping session in Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, which lead to bringing in our first coffee of his later that year.

Diego has been involved in coffee for nearly all of his 22-something years. After finishing High school, he was given his farm by his parents. Since then he has quickly expanded his farm operations by planting new varieties, and has acquired his own micro mill onsite, enabling tighter quality control and experimentation.

The farm is planted mostly with Red and Yellow Catuai Arabica varieties, but there is a small amount of the exotic and famed Geisha variety as well. This coffee offering is a Yellow Catuai produced via Red Honey process. After the perfectly ripe coffee cherries are hand-picked, the cherry skin and some of the fruit pulp is mechanically removed. The mill’s pulping equipment can be adjusted to remove different amounts of fruit pulp to allow for different flavour profiles. The general standards of Honey process available are White, Red, and Black Honey. It refers to how much pulp is left on the coffee seeds - White being the least and Black being the most. The sticky pulp-coated coffee seeds are then spread in a thin layer and carefully monitored and dried until the ideal moisture content is achieved.

Honey process has become more prevalent in Costa Rica due to the potential of flavour expression and, more importantly, because it requires little to no water resources, making it a more environmentally friendly way to produce coffee.

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