Colombia Silvio & Pastor Ordoñez

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Elegant sweetness, full velvety mouthfeel, balanced.  Panela, caramel,  juicy citrus layers, soft red fruit undertones, delicate tea rose florality


This coffee is grown and produced in the Southern Department of Huila near the town of San Agustin, an area renowned for some of Colombia’s best quality coffees.

This lot consists of a blend of coffees grown by two neighboring farmers: Pastor and Silvio Ordoñez, owners of Fincas El Placer and Cascajal respectively. They are members of the Asociación Los Naranjos, a small but tight-knit group of around 90 farmers who collaborate by sharing knowledge, resources, and tools in order to collectively improve their quality and livelihood. The overall philosophy is that anything that improves the lot for one producer can improve the lot for all.

This coffee is made up of entirely Pink Bourbon variety grown by both producers. The coffee is hand picked at its peak ripeness when the cherry is a rich pink color. It is depulped the same day and fermented for 12–16 hours before being washed and spread out on raised drying tables in parabolic solar driers for about two weeks to dry.

Members also make higher farm gate prices-both from their exporting partner as well as from the importing company. When the parchment coffee is delivered to the local collection location they are paid a guaranteed base price as well as a premium from the Exporter. Once the finished green coffee arrives to the Importer in the US it is evaluated. If it cups at or above specification an additional premium is sent back to the producer.

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