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Tanzania Umi Peaberry

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Tanzania Umi Peaberry is sweet, full-flavoured, complex, and rich. With flavours of toffee, orange marmalade, green grape, and soft florals, this coffee has much to offer and even more to discover! 

Region: Mbozi, Songwe

Variety: Bourbon

Altitude: 1615 masl

Proc. Method: Washed

Grade: Peaberry

This Peaberry microlot comes from Umi Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society. (AMCOS). It is located in the south of the country in the Mbozi district of Songwe, close to the Zambian and Malawi borders.

Farmers deliver ripe cherries in the afternoons and are processed the same evening. After depulping, the coffee is submerged in water and fermented for  a period of 18-36 hours before it is washed. It is then soaked in clean water for an average of 8-12 hours and then placed on raised beds for an average of 8-14 days to dry, where it is moved consistently to ensure a uniform dryness throughout the lot. The final stage of processing is grading, where in Tanzania is based on bean size. The largest is AA, followed by AB and PB, which stands for Peaberry. A peaberry is a small single round seed and makes up to 5% of the harvest. Generally esteemed by roasters for their uniformity and density, peaberry coffee is believed to offer a more articulated expression of character.
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