Ethiopia Ardi Anasora

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Luscious and expressive with fresh berry and tropical flavours, subtle florals, and a long elegant sweet finish.


It is well known that Ethiopia is the birthplace of the Arabica coffee species, but it also shares the distinction as being the cradle of human evolution. This coffee is named after Ardipithecus Ramidus, believed to be the oldest hominid skeleton found dating back to 4.4 million years.

Ardi has been developed by one of our long time Ethiopian importers, and is made up of coffees grown by a collective of about 280 farmers surrounding the town of Ana Sora, located in the Guji region in Southwest Ethiopia. This is a relatively new area of coffee production and has quickly developed a reputation for high quality.

This is a superior example of a natural process coffee. Despite being the oldest process method high quality naturals require a great deal of care and work to achieve their greatest potential. This is largely due to the investments and expertise of Israel Degefa, owner of the local Anasora processing station and Kerchanshe Trading Company.

Israel grew up in a nearby coffee producing area, and has great respect for the local coffee farmers that he works with. According to the company's mission statement they are committed to providing the finest high-quality coffee beans to their customers worldwide while forging mutually beneficial relationships with the community and the environment that they live in.


Some of the initiatives how Kerchanshe have demonstrated their commitments:

  • Offering farmer training programs and seedlings.
  • Paying farmers more than double the minimum wage rates as well as extra quality premiums for higher quality cherries, and after the coffee is sold.
  • Six primary schools in the region have been built and have engaged in many clean water projects.
  • To further prevent local deforestation they are helping people transition from traditional cooking with wood or coal, to electricity by installing the necessary infrastructure.


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