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Guatemala Santa Clara Estate

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A Fantastico-Selected Lot from the Guatemala Santa Clara Estate!

Alto Dos is:
Round, sweet, refined, and complex

Brown sugar, complex layers of stone fruits:
stewed plum, nectarine, peach cobbler.
Citrus with subtle spice and berry notes

Ricardo Zelaya is a renowned and multi-award winning coffee producer in Guatemala. Since the first lot cupped in 2009, Caffe Fantastico has been fortunate to have offered his coffee each year, showcasing the breadth of some of his finest work.

Santa Clara is the family estate where 4 generations of farming have taken place. It started when Ricardo’s grandfather purchased the farm in 1947, then passed it down through family until 1988, when it was given to Ricardo; it has been under his meticulous management ever since.      

The 110-hectare estate is situated on the fertile southern slopes of Volcán de Agua in the Antigua Valley bounded by two other volcanoes: Acatenango and the still active, Fuego. In 2000, Antigua received a Denomination of Origin to recognize the region as a distinct coffee terroir.

All aspects of coffee production take place at the estate. This lot consists of a relatively new Venezia variety, and was chosen for its excellent cup qualities. The coffee underwent a selective picking and was processed at the wet-mill where it was fermented in water, rinsed clean and carefully dried in greenhouses.

Also located on the estate is a coffee lab for development and quality control. Having visited his operations several times, we have come to love and respect Ricardo’s ongoing commitment to coffee quality, sustainable farming practices, and his investment in the people that contribute to each aspect of his business and the local community.

With coffee production being so dependent on people, Ricardo
recognizes that his staff are his biggest asset, and are highly valued. His 25 permanent staff are like family, while his seasonal employees continue to return year after year. Ricardo has actively invested in programs to
support seasonal worker loyalty, including family resources and child care.

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