Colombia La Palma

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We're loving the elegant balance, and clean inherent sweetness of this beauty. We get caramel, cola, and juicy orange citrus with deep, subtle floral and ripe cherry notes.


La Palma Estate is located in Jerico, a quaint colonial town situated in Antioqia Department in the Northwest of the country. This area is part of the western cordillera of the Andes having a rugged and very mountainous topography where heights reach more than 2,500 meters above sea level.

With the farm sitting at an altitude of 2000masl the micro-climate is ideal for producing high quality coffee. It is blessed with warm days and cool evenings which helps in increasing the production of sugars in the coffee cherries.

Don Victor Cardona, owner of La Palma grew up on and eventually inherited the farm from his father. Currently he and his wife tend the 5 Hectares of almost 15,000 coffee plants. He has chosen to grow and produce Arabica varieties Castillo, Caturra, and Dos Mil, of which this Fantastico selected lot consists entirely of the latter.

Once the ripe cherry is picked it is immediately pulped and the coffee in parchment is placed in in Victor's own tiled fermentation tanks where the floaters are skimmed and the remaining coffee is allowed to ferment under his supervision until it is ready. The coffee is then spread out onto his concrete patio where it is carefully monitored and raked to to ensure even drying.

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